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HOMEGROWN Life: An Early Thanksgiving


This is typically the time of the year I would be writing about Halloween, my favorite holiday, or putting together something crafty for autumn. I tried that route, but I’ve never been very good at anything other than writing from my heart.

And in my heart, I am feeling like this is an early Thanksgiving instead of Halloween. You see, for the last three and a half weeks, my life has been spinning on its axis. In late September, my mother had a health emergency, leaving my sister, father, and I at her bedside for weeks. Although I know, in my practical mind, that we lose loved ones in life, suddenly I was staring that reality in the face.

We spent days in the hospital room with her, listening to beeps and blips and watching doctors and nurses shuffle in and out. On

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Glass Walkway Links Serine Farmhouse by Brasil Arquitetura

Dom Vicoso is a 240sqm house built by Brasil Arquitetura, located in a serine and desolate area of the Serra da Mantiqueira in Minas Gerais, Brazil – on a centennial coffee farm. Because of the uneven topography of the site special footings were designed to act as levelers while the home itself was created with materials that worked with rather then against the surrounding scenery. These materials include a stone wall that extrapolates the security function, Masonry walls of solid brick with a simple lime-based coat of paint. In addition, it has a reinforced concrete slab with a green cover for thermal inertia and greater environmental comfort, a glass walkway and wood log supports.

When you step back and admire the surrounding hillsides it becomes apparent why the architects chose to create an exterior that complimented the rolling hills – they are nothing less than spectacular.

Dom Visco is designed as two separate structures of distinct size and function – centrally joined by a clear glass walkway.

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A Non-White, Real Life 50′s Kitchen Makeover

Stop the presses, people. We have a kitchen makeover that isn’t white! As a matter of fact, Wendy didn’t even change the color of her gray cabinets. New powder blue walls tone them down while  pops of red spice things up.

Rethinking her existing storage solutions and decluttering made a huge and budget-minded impact; however, she did splurge on a new Fisher & Paykel European gas range ($2,499) that not only suits the space perfectly, it is now a focal point of the sleek makeover. To see more pictures and to read about the individual additions/changes and where to buy them, visit this page at Real Simple. 

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How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Heat

When hot weather strikes, dont forget about keeping your furry friends cool! Dogs are especially at risk of heat stroke during the summer because they dont have as many natural cooling mechanisms as humans, such as sweating. Follow these tips to keep your dog comfortable and safe during the hot summer months.

1. Never leave your dog in the car when its hot Even with the windows cracked, the temperature in your car can soar to over 120 degrees in mere minutes when its hot and sunny outside. In fact, your car can become dangerously hot in under two minutes when its only 70 degree outside. A dog trapped inside a hot car is liable to start overheating quickly, which leads to panic, which leads to further overheating. A good rule of thumb is if its over 60 degrees or the sun is out, take your dog with you when you leave the car!


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Small house is a great house for interior designer’s family

MICHELLE BURGESS believes that if you look and if you listen, a house will tell you what to do.

This is the story of what the interior designer/artist did to hers.

There are pictures of family and “things I found.” Antiques and bits from relatives. Art from those she likes and admires. Burgess is not above Ikea nor beneath fine textiles. The latest item to settle in is a love seat that belonged to a friend. “Every time I had a dinner party I borrowed it from her. Last year at Thanksgiving she brought it and said, ‘Here, this is yours.’ ”

It all comes back to family and friends at the place she calls Taylor Cottage, cheery cherry red and tucked into the woods of Bainbridge Island.

About 15 years ago, Burgess and her husband, Henry Shepherd, were searching for a house on the island. Shepherd was raised here. Friends told them about the cottage, but it was out of their league. They bid on

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Architect-Designed Belgian Furniture in NYC

Founded by Belgian architects Stefaan Platteau and Carlo Seminck, Maat is a furniture company in Ghent with a focus on craftsmanship and proportion: Rendered in solid oak or walnut, the duo’s pieces are all about simple profiles and subtle angularities.

The pieces are often paired with the minimalist ceramics of Jos Devriendt (see Jos Devriendt: The Insider’s Belgian Designer). In the US, Maat furniture is represented by Lepere, a showroom in New York’s Flatiron District specializing in up-and-coming European lines. Contact Lepere directly for availability and pricing.

On Gardenista, take a look at Outbuilding of the Week: A $25 Trailer Transformed with wood paneling.

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Lexi’s Paint Chip Dresser — Makeover

So simple, yet effective.

When I found Lexi Adams’ dresser transformation, I pounded my forehead – why didn’t I think to do that? Here’s the Before and After and the scoop on the fresh look this Brooklyn, NY photographer got with a little paint, elbow grease, and good advice from Dad.

HomeWorkshop (HW): Are you a design-diva, big into DIY and decorating, or was this a fluke? How did you score the dresser?

Lexi Adams (LA): I’m not a design diva! But I am a carpenter’s daughter, so when I was having trouble finding a dresser I liked, I was definitely keeping my eye open for something cheap I could fix up or paint myself.

I scoured Craigslist listings, worrying about bedbugs all the while, only to have a free wooden dresser fall into my lap on a walk in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. My amazing

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