Summer Fun Crafts


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Here comes the sun! It’s time to kick back and enjoy those lazy days (and nights!) of summer. Here are a few easy to do crafts that will help you look good, feel good, and make the most of the season.

1. Solar Jar For a beautiful glow on a hot summer night, fill a jar with resin stars and a battery operated tea light. The effect is magical!

2. Perfect Picnic Basket Picnics are more fun when you have a handy basket liner like this one. Keep cups, plates and cutlery organized for easier access, and make more room for food!

3. Cake Berries These dessert treats look like chocolate covered strawberries, but they’re made of yummy red velvet cake. Delicious!

4. Custom Flip Flops Enhance inexpensive rubber flip flops with ribbon and bows for the cutest of summer footwear.

5. “Cool” Necklace This necklace not only looks cool, it IS cool! The “beads” are made with re-freezable plastic ice cubes. How refreshing on a hot day!

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