Quick Cleaning Tools


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If you have the right tools for the job, your cleaning will go much easier. Just a few quick swipes and swirls, and your cleaning will be done in no time, leaving you free to enjoy your home!

Here are some of the tools you should consider having in your cleaning arsenal.

An apron with pockets will not only protect your clothes, but it will serve as a handy place to keep your cleaning supplies as you travel from room to room. Because you wear the apron, you are less likely to forget items, saving you time and energy. How many times have I forgotten the toilet bowl cleaner upstairs when I was ready to clean the one downstairs? Too many times!

Pick an apron that has deep pockets.

Microfiber clothes are great, but if you don’t want to invest in them, make sure that you have plenty of rags that you can use. You want at least five cloths or rags. They are much more economical and much easier to use than paper towels.

A Magic Eraser or other eraser sponge can always come in handy. They remove everything from countertop stains to scuff marks on the wall, using only the sponge and some water.

An old toothbrush or two gets weekly duty in my house. They help you get the soap scum and other nastiness that collects in tight corners, such as around the faucets in the sinks, or that spot between the stove and the countertop. Just spray some cleaner and get at it.

An old credit card (make sure it is deactivated) can help scrape up tough sticky spots and messes and get in between cracks (like that stove-countertop space. If you don’t have an old credit card, look for “fake” cards that come in the mail in credit card offers.

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