Modern House Gallery for Art and Architecture Lover


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This modern house gallery was designed not only as “home” to an art enthusiast with a penchant for the finer things in life, but also to house his prized art collection in style. Designed by the Brazil architecture firm of Humberto Hermeto, this contemporary luxury home begs to be explored – gallery, and beyond. The irregular site (with a dramatic vertical rise of 10 meters from front to back) defines the slope house plan, which features a striking staircase leading up the hillside to the home. Inside, five spacious suites, the gallery, and indoor and outdoor living rooms are distributed across three levels, accommodating the different functions of the home. The lower level is occupied by the art gallery – partially below grade, thus reducing the temperature as required to maintain the masterpieces in good condition. To take in the surrounding views, a reinforced concrete portico is sheltered from the hot sun and any inclement weather while still enjoying an alfresco feel. But even indoors, you can’t escape nature (not that you’d want to!) with every room enjoying a magical mountain view. Outside, a pool is an inviting, refreshing oasis. Humberto Hermeto via Contemporist

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