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How to Decorate a Holiday Mantel

Make your mantel the warm, welcoming centerpiece of your home for the holidays. In this video, Jeannie shows you how to decorate a mantel for Christmas with show-stopping battery-powered decorations.

Jeannie used some of our favorite new Christmas decorations:

Firecracker LED Lights

Silver Wreath

Battery-Powered Mantel Houses

Ice Festival Trees

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Modern Summer Retreat in Wood and Glass: Haus Hainbach

Share on Facebook Tweet Comment Located directly at the border between Vienna and Lower Austria, Haus Hainbach was especially designed by MOOSMANN Architects to serve as a summer retreat. The project features a distinct geometry and a simple layout, as the owners spend their winters in their inner-city penthouse, with no need for elaborate living spaces during their nature getaways. Wood and glass were used extensively in order to integrate the building in its lush environment. A partially cantilevered roof protects against powerful sun rays. Share on Facebook Tweet Comment According to the architects, the draft concept envisioned two horizontal slabs (roof + floor) that are linked at the back by a wooden box.

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Oh what I wouldn’t do for a dressing room with doors like these.  Fretwork carved doors in a closet.  Love! The lace-like detail lets just the right amount of light through.  Great doors.  I also like the glossy paint used on the cabinets, drawers, ceiling and walls in this walk-in closet.  Makes the small space shine.  Nice closet…right?

Happy Saturday!

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Small-scale solutions to Seattle’s huge urban-housing needs

BILL PARKS IS hanging out there on an edge with his next housing project, soon to arise in Ballard at 24th Avenue and 65th Street. For Parks, a longtime developer, the edge is a familiar perch; he’s been there before with his town house complexes such as Stonewater and Fremont Lofts, experiments in maximizing community rather than revenue. “If I didn’t do it that way, my spirit would just die,” Parks says. “To get up every day and go build those boxes — I just couldn’t do it.”

Parks’ projects, created in collaboration with Seattle-based Johnston Architects, aren’t edgy because of swoopy curves or cantilevered boxes angling into space. They’re quiet and neighborly. It’s the “neighborly” aspect of this new five-story Ballard apartment complex that will make it unusual. Its three buildings will su

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Science of Sports Fanaticism

Why do we get so emotional about sports teams? An even better question: How do we develop loyalty for sports teams, particularly when we have no actual affiliation with them?

Ask yourself this question and then ask yourself if you find the answer odd. We could argue it “makes sense” to be passionate about a hometown sports team or that of an alma mater, but what about allegiances that form outside of any perceived commonality with the team or its other fans?

Mind, we’re talking about fanaticism; not mere fandom or fair-weather cheering. Fandom is much easier for the innocent bystander to grasp, but crazed obsession is a more elusive emotion to understand for people who can’t “feel the magic.”

Here are three of the various theories scientists have forwarded to explain seemingly random team loyalty, though without the boring science-y language:

“The Dynasty”

This is by far the most common way sports-team obsession is seeded – passed on from generation to generation to create fanatical heirs to the throne.

The standard scenario is pretty straightforward: A die-hard Cleveland Browns couple moves to San Francisco for work. They have a baby,

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Last stop: Repurposed Locomotive Ranch Trailer House in Texas!

Here’s an interesting example of a home reused, repurposed and recycled – this locomotive turned house in Uvalde, Texas was designed by Andrew Hinman Architecture, who illustrates how something unconventional can be transformed into something totally cool with some creative thinking. The aluminum trailer takes its place at the center of an otherwise traditional home structure. But even the home’s “traditional” elements have a contemporary edge, like the angled flat roof, expansive glazed facades, and artful indoor and outdoor living spaces that invite you to live, lounge and explore. If you’re drawn to unusual homes, this is definitely one to tour. Check it out.

“One of the client’s cherished possessions is a vintage streamlined aluminum house (not travel) trailer, and he wanted to relocate the trailer to the family’s favorite spot on their South Texas ranch overlooking the Nueces River,” according to the architects.

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Travel the world with the Worldwide Window Machine

Think you have a good knowledge of the world? Have you travelled to all the continents? Well, why not put your skills to the test with the Worldwide Window Machine?

Just out of your window is a huge, wonderful world waiting to be explored! This ingenious new machine, brought to you by Anglian Home Improvements, brings beautiful views of the world to the window. All you have to do is guess exactly where the Worldwide Window Machine has taken you.

Where do you think this is?

Prove you are a worthy challenger in true Christopher Columbus style, pin pointing the 5 locations you have a window view of.

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