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View of Hanalei Bay from Princeville. (above) This week, one “Weekend Photo” will not be enough.

I got back from Kaua’i late Tuesday night after a week long visit there with TE.  My first visit to Hawaii ever.  What a fantastic time!

So much to see, so many naturally beautiful scenes…unscripted, not manufactured, a tropical paradise island showing off its natural design!

White Plumeria flower on the very green grass. (above)
TE hanging on while sitting next to me as we took our ride over the green island of Kauai in a helicopter with “no doors”! ( Read full post…

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At Home in Saint-Paul de Vence with a French Architect

The late architect Yves Bayard, who designed the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nice, reconstructed a 16th-century sheep barn with his wife, designer Jacqueline Morabito, in the town of Saint-Paul de Vence (home to the Fondation Maeght). We like the ad hoc window treatments: pieces of fabric casually tacked to the window frames.

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Looking Forward and Upward with Suspension Lighting

Today there are hundreds of ways to manipulate lighting and countless lighting fixtures available to find the perfect light that sets the right mood. Suspension lighting is certainly not a new concept, but today it is being handled in new and innovative ways. For instance suspension lighting has a way of endowing its space with a sense of futuristic minimalism, where practicality is key and a unique style remains present without unnecessary embellishment.

The concept of suspension lighting itself is thousands of years old. Ancient Greeks once hung clay lamps burning with the fat of animals for lighting. Over generations, new lamps started to be made with glass, becoming a prelude to the modern electrical version, by which is a single fixture with a single bulb hangs from a lone wire from the ceiling. Read full post…

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Old cottage gets gleaming glass addition with garden view

If you’re looking for a little “wow” with your architecture, look no further – the Taringa House designed by Australian firm Loucas Zahos Architects created a contemporary addition that transforms this humble, existing cottage with a modern glass volume open to nature. The house sits on a steep slope of an inner west suburb of Brisbane, with its original structure fronting the street and the modern glazed addition cascading down the hillside and toward a creek at the rear of the property. The house is a lesson in opposites: historic and contemporary, front and back, public and private, visitor and family. Here’s the tour.

This house offers a beautiful balance between the old and new wings.

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Sharp vs. Soft Lines (in Design)

A particular design is almost always more than the sum of its parts, but it always starts with the line. That line will either travel smoothly around a curve or end in a hard edge, and the difference can alter the entire feeling of a room, a piece of furniture, a rug, a lighting fixture … anything.

It’s easy to dismiss the power of a line. They are too often lost in the static and controversy of the overall design; a single tree that can’t be seen for the very forest that it helps to create. In this way, a line is its own worst enemy – except perhaps when they’re battling one another.

Sharp Lines

Anger. Precision. Speed. Severity. These are the feelings that sharp lines often convey. They have a way of forcing our eyes to follow them until they terminate at some flat and absolute horizon. Sharp lines can seem unforgiving and unyielding in their creases and corners. They leav

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Complete the Classic Look of Your Kitchen with Copper Vent Hood

Range hoods are kitchen essentials because they are especially designed to dissolve odors and smoke produced by stovetops. Finding the right range hood that can effectively keep your kitchen odor free and smoke free is extremely important. A range hood that matches your kitchen décor is also a favorable option.

If you have a classic-styled kitchen, you should settle for a vent hood that looks classic and elegant – a style that transcends even time. Range hoods come in different materials and each one complements specific kitchen designs. Ultra modern kitchens will look better if you have a stainless steel range hood over your stovetop. However, your best option is a copper vent hood for a classic style kitchen.

Copper, as is, has an old and traditional look. Th

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Fresh Takes:Miraculous Favors

We’re always excited to find a clever new use for a product we love. Here’s an idea from one of our buyers, Susan:

At my niece’s wedding last weekend, I saw one of the most unique uses of our Miracle Cloth Ive ever come across.

Folded into the shape of flowers, these cloths made for touching and attractive guest favors.

And unlike some other sorts of wedding favors, these wont languish in a drawer—every guest will get a lot of use out of their Miracle Cloth!

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