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Boucherouite Rag Rug Equals Wall Art

Rugs dont necessarily have to go on the floor. If theyre so beautiful, why would you want them on the floor anyway where they can get dirty? Instead you can hang them on the wall as a decorative art piece.

These Boucherouite Rag Rugs are incredible artistic expressions of color and design. These Moroccan recycling rugs are made from rags, but the end result doesnt look dingy and old. The bright colors from yellow and blue to orange and pink just pop.

Choose from sizes up to 6 8 x 11 4. From more simple designs to chaotic ones, these rugs are definitely more attractive than the average rugs you find at department stores. Add a recycled rug to your entryway or save it for the wall above the couch.

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Rain Barrel Rules

Rain barrels are a great way to save money and help reduce reliance on public water systems, but it pays to know the law of the land when it comes to rain harvesting.

Thanks to recent legislation, the current law in most states reflects a fair amount of freedom for homeowners to collect rainwater and use it to supplement their normal usage, but it wasn’t always that way. It may surprise you to know it, but water law is no joke: After all, it really is the most valuable resource on the planet.

Illegal Diversion   

Water law in many states favors the “downstream user” and anyone who interferes with water flow to this person can be charged with creating an illegal diversion of water. In a nutshell, this is what made rain barrels illegal in Colorado until 2009. The thi

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A playful design for a child at heart and his robots

We love the contemporary style and simple, bold form of this modern house designed by Moon Hoon. The irregular site called for an unusual house design, and these forward-thinking architects came through with this stylistically minimalist, geometrically elaborate house here in Daejeon, South Korea. This unpopulated location called for a bold, standout design that dominated its surroundings. The house enjoys a picturesque location right on the edge of Bang Dong Lake – a hot spot for sightseeing and leisurely pursuits, with the lake at its feet and low mountain looming in the background.

“I am a playful architect.

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With after builders cleaning services you have nothing to worry about

Whether you plan an extensive renovation, a loft conversion or another small home remodeling project, you should consider that the builders will not leave your place clean and tidy. After builders cleaning services can help you enjoy the result without additional worries. Unfortunately, no matter what precautions builders may have used during the work, it is inevitable that they will always leave the dirt, debris, scratches and other waste. If you want to avoid such a situation, view Homesparkle’s after builders service here.

after builders cleaning services

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Compact Elegant House With Volumes and Irregularities by Habitat Studio & Workshop

Share on Facebook Tweet Comment BoJo is a compact, elegant home that wraps itself around you. Displaying different tones of earthy colours, it exudes warmth and coziness. Most of the times, these specific elements are exactly the enchanting magic elements that have the ability to transform a regular place into a home. After all, isnt this what we all want? The project called BoJo was designed by Habitat Studio & Workshop, a differently built one-of-a-kind home, comfortable and sustainable, reflecting the clients needs and wants. The exterior boasts several volumes and a garage. The main materials used in defining the house were wood and concrete. A

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The Best Small Home Plan of 2013

Bigger is not always more beautiful when it comes to architecture.  Nir Pearlson’s energy-wise Plan 890-1 proves it. A rather ho-hum name for Fine Homebuilding Magazine’s top pick for Small Home Plan of 2013. So how small is it? Eight-hundred square feet, but the open living space inside makes it seem much larger than its tiny footprint. The two bedroom, one bathroom ‘garden cottage’ oozes a modern/rustic charm both inside and out. Now for a peek inside.

Small house, big windows!

For more details about 890-1 or to buy plans (starting at $825) visit For mor

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Holloways of Ludlow launches blown glass pendant collection

Old School Electric collection is a collection of elegant, handcrafted blown-glass pendants in four different shapes.

The collection of blown-glass pendants reflect a timeless and aesthetically beautiful look, whose beauty is enhanced by the retro-style filament light bulb.

When illuminated, the bulb creates a lantern-like glow effect within the pendant.

The four uniquely shaped glass pendants are available in two different sizes of shade, as well as differing metal finishes and seven flex colours to match the style of any interior.

The pendant comes with 1m of twisted fabric flex as standard in addition to a metal ceiling rose, gallery and BC bulb holder.

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