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Boucherouite Rag Rug Equals Wall Art

Rugs dont necessarily have to go on the floor. If theyre so beautiful, why would you want them on the floor anyway where they can get dirty? Instead you can hang them on the wall as a decorative art piece.

These Boucherouite Rag Rugs are incredible artistic expressions of color and design. These Moroccan recycling rugs are made from rags, but the end result doesnt look dingy and old. The bright colors from yellow and blue to orange and pink just pop.

Choose from sizes up to 6 8 x 11 4. From more simple designs to chaotic ones, these rugs are definitely more attractive than the average rugs you find at department stores. Add a recycled rug to your entryway or save it for the wall above the couch.

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What’s Up With Kitchen Art?

Fruit, vegetables, coffee cups, wine glasses, kitchen utensils, chefs with laughably large toques and roosters are some of the images that appear when you search ‘kitchen art’ on just about any poster/art website. Why? Who said that that’s what constitutes art appropriate for the kitchen?

Okay, maybe a traditional, literal interpretation of still life with dispatched fish or game might not be that appetizing to display over your eating area…..

…..but roosters? What’s appetizing about a rooster? Especially a live one? Y

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10 DIY Paint Chip Art Projects

Just when I think we’ve reached the tipping point in the popularity of paint chip art, I see something new that makes me think that the medium still has legs. Take a look at these ideas and tell me what you think.

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Modern House Gallery for Art and Architecture Lover

This modern house gallery was designed not only as “home” to an art enthusiast with a penchant for the finer things in life, but also to house his prized art collection in style. Designed by the Brazil architecture firm of Humberto Hermeto, this contemporary luxury home begs to be explored – gallery, and beyond. The irregular site (with a dramatic vertical rise of 10 meters from front to back) defines the slope house plan, which features a striking staircase leading up the hillside to the home. Inside, five spacious suites, the gallery, and indoor and outdoor living rooms are distributed across three levels, accommodating the different functions of the home. The lower level is occupied by the art gallery – partially below grade, thus reducing the temperature as required to maintain the masterpieces in good condition. To take Read full post…