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Gorgeous Contemporary Home Inspired By The Summer

The Canterbury Residence, designed by Canny is a graceful contemporary home, inspired by the summer breeze and sun. Lets start with the terrace. Two words to describe it: absolutely stunning! Perceived as a floating wooden island, lost in the middle of the swimming pool, the terrace is a gorgeous place to sit and enjoy your lemonade on a hot summer day or to relax and listen to the whisper of nature, at dawn. The fully-tiled pool with granite stepping stones marries in beautifully with the stonework of the adjacent alfresco area; and the spotted gum decking flows from the polished floorboards of the main living area to provide an inviting exterior island oasis. 

The residence is characterised by transparence and breeziness.

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Get Your Pool Ready For Summer!

Photo: Remy Saglier

One of the sure signs that summer is right around the corner is the preparation of your pool for the warm weather. As such, there are some issues you must consider when beginning the process of opening your pool, some of which are dictated by the condition the pool was in when it was closed from the previous season.

Following prescribed steps for your pool maintenance is a great way to enjoy your outdoor living activities with friends and family this summer. It will also help preserve your pool, its covers and supplies, and all the materials involved in keeping it in good condition. Here is a suggested plan of attack in preparing your pool this spring and summer:

Most pool owners use a cover to keep debris out during the off-season.

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